Card of the Day: 6 of Plates

6-of-plaates-editThe card I drew today is the Six of Plates. An Indian man, perhaps a Sadhu or a teacher holds a scale in one hand, while six coins are passing between his open palm and the open palm of a beggar below. There are six plates in this card, as well as six coins. Are both representing the 6 of plates? Are the coins passing from the Sadhu to the beggar or from the beggar to the Sadhu? This is the card of material success, and the message is one of the complex nature of material success. The beggars have material success when a man with coins delivers money to them, and yet the reverse is also true. When a man or woman gives of what she has, prosperity flows to her. Live moves toward more life. The money that the Sadhu gives away increases his own prosperity. Contained in this card is the law of tithing. Gratitude, like the beggars have, and giving away a portion of what you earn is the secret to greater prosperity.

When you pull this card, it is an opportunity to notice how easily money flows to you. Is it easy? Are you allowing money to flow to you and from you? Are you keeping a balance sheet? What is the balance of generosity? Generally, both generosity and gratitude increase happiness. The joy is our clue that if we want to be happy, it is wise to practice both appreciation and giving.

The astrological correspondence of this card is Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is the planet of communication, especially communication with the higher levels of the divine. Taurus is the Cardinal Earth sign, associated with pleasure seeking, yet bull headed Taurus. Stubborn Taurus is ruled by Venus. When Mercury, the planet of divine communication is found in this sign, then material pleasures and success come easily. This is not material success that you have to work so hard for. It’s material success that comes naturally from communication with the divine nature.