Card of the Day: 5 of Plates

5-of-plates-editIn this card, five people each hold a plate. They all stand in a snowstorm holding their plates as if expecting to receive something in them. Or are their plates held out to give something away? They stand before a church, and a sign in front says “Permit Parking Only: Redeemer.” Are these figures seeking redemption, or are they the redeemer? And what of the different degrees of disability in this special permit parking zone. One person is in a wheelchair, one has a cane, another has blades for legs, one has high-heeled ruby slippers, and another (the most bundled up against the cold) is wearing sneakers. Some are in the spotlight. Others stand in the shadows. They each have a different response to being out in the cold with a plate. Two appear to be in conversation with each other. The woman appears to be genuflecting with her plate, and the man in the yellow shirt appears perplexed.

The traditional read of this card is “material trouble,” however, the reading is much more complex. The real principle is exposure to the outside world under the watchful eye of the divine. You are held in the hand of the divine whatever decision you make. Wherever you go, whatever your situation, and whatever the weather—and most importantly—whatever your attitude about it, you will be exposed to the elements. You will be “outside” on more than one occasion. The important questions to ask when you are outside are not why? or how did I get here? The important questions to ask are “What is the gift of this?” , “What is my response to this new situation?” and even “What is available to me now that was not available before?”

When You draw this card, these are the questions that you are being called to answer.