Card of the Day: 2 of Wands

2-of-wands editThe Two of Wands shows a young man in a traditional Egyptian Shendyt, or wrap-around skirt. He holds the crook and flail, clear symbols of a ruler’s dominion over his people. Both the Crook, or Heka, fashioned after a shepherd’s crook, and the flail, or nekhakha, which was a scourge were originally held by Geb, the original ruler of Egypt, and seized by Osiris, his son, while Osiris was still in the womb. They were symbols of a Pharaoh’s ruler-ship over his people, but also signifiers of a connection to the divine, thus the carrier of the Crook and Flail carried divine authority. The figure in this card is also wearing the ducal hat of the venetian Doge, the highest office in Venice. The Doge was responsible for celebrating the ritual marriage of the city of Venice to the sea. This office was also associated with divine authority. The figure in the card appears to be much larger than life, when compared to the surrounding architecture.

When you draw this card, it speaks to the isolated position of dominion, and the necessary taking on of the suffering of that which you have dominion over. This card speaks of both the joys and sadness of true leadership. In the position of dominion, sometimes it feels like you cannot fit through the doorway or sit in a normal chair. Your anonymity is gone, and you serve as a projection vehicle for both the good and bad energies of your people.

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