Card for the Day: 2 of Plates

2_of_PlatesGlancing light enters a room, a wall of which is painted a with a combination Yin Yang symbol, and an Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. Both are potent symbols for the change that permeates all things on the earthly plane. Two plates filled with clear water sit on a table in the foreground as a cobra raises it’s head.

When you draw this card you must come face to face with the poignant cycle of change that will, at one point or another, affect everything you experience. The light coming through the window will change angle, and eventually turn to moonlight. The snake will strike or move on. The plates will be cleared. Even the symbol on the wall will fade and perhaps be painted over. The building may fall to ruin or be renovated

We are asked in the face of all this not just to let go, but to let go knowing that the change may suit us or not. The invited response to change is acceptance. Even when the change seems to be in the wrong direction, change is an indicator of life and consciousness. Let change wash over you and ask in each moment, “What is the gift of this?”