Card of the Day: 7 of Wands

7wandsA man in the Assyrian costume of a king holds a staff on high ground that he defends while others with staffs assail his position from below. Six attack one, but the king has the advantageous position. The Assyrian world was polytheistic like the ancient roman world. There were over 2500 documented gods and goddesses in ancient Assyria, and likely many more for which we don’t have any information. Every place had a god and each king was a representative of God, so there is an association of valor with the divine.

When you draw this card it indicates not only valor, but success, as the king is at the top with the advantage, even though there are many below who seek his position. This is the card of negotiations and trade.

The astrological sign for this card is Mars in Leo, indicating a creative solution to conflict. This is the negotiation that is won through creative energy, not through conflict or power over.