What Is The Law?

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Originally the title of this article was “Why You Have To Act Responsibly With Magic.”

Boring, right?

But the answer is really, you don’t have to act responsibly with magic, but if you don’t, then you’ll pay a very high price.

There is an old saying that when you point at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you. Most people take this to mean that if you accuse someone of unfairness or wrongdoing, then you need to look at your own imperfections and faults. However, those fingers point back at you whether you are pointing a finger of blame, or a finger of praise, admiration, or longing. Each time, the fingers point back at you.

Why is that important, from a wizard’s point of view?

Because the three fingers are pointing back at where the power actually lives.

So think about someone you have a charge about. It could be either or both. It could be someone who is a focus of external energy, like a political candidate, or it could be someone in your life you particularly like or dislike.

The making of a wizard is from the inside. So here are some questions to ask yourself to identify the power when your attention is focused on someone else.

  • What are the things that grab my attention about this person? (Make a list)
  • Are those things qualities or feature that I have or lack.  (Be honest)
  • If those qualities or features are ones that you have, do you like having them or not? (Be honest)
  • If those qualities or features are ones that you do NOT have, do you wish you had them? (Again, be honest)

Once you answer these questions, you might start to see that the qualities of the person you like or dislike are actually qualities that you have or lack, and that you have some emotional charge around it. It’s almost impossible to feel strongly about a person one way or the other, without having that in yourself.

What kicks up your emotions is important. We are not trying to eliminate the emotions here. Magic is done in the presence of strong emotions to be effective. What we are doing is getting you to own the emotions, so that the power of them returns to you. When we are blaming an external person or circumstance, we have given our power away to that person or circumstance.

So how do you apply this in a magical practice? Remember, magic is about becoming a person who can do the impossible, not about local tricks.

So look at your list again. If you have identified qualities that you lack and wish you had you can follow these steps.

  1. Write down the steps you must take to get this quality or feature.
  2. Look at the list of steps and decide if you will pay the price to get the quality or feature.
  3. If the quality or feature is not something that you are willing to pay the price for, accept that it is o.k. for you not to have this quality or feature.
  4. If the quality or feature is something you are willing to pay the price for, then begin to take the steps in your list.

If you identified qualities that you have, but wish you didn’t have, follow these same steps, but instead of the steps you would take to get the quality or feature, list the steps you would take to eliminate the quality or feature you do not wish to have.

Let’s see an example:

Let’s say you really envy a person for having a beautiful body, a small pert nose, and perfect skin, and those are things you do not have. You’d make a list that might look something like this.

  • Work out at the gym 6 days a week
  • Change diet to a 1200 calorie a day diet and eliminate grains
  • Save up for nose job and chemical peel for my face
  • Invest in better skin care products

You’d say, either, yes, I want to commit to this, or no, I don’t want to commit to this. If the answer is yes, start the program immediately. If the answer is no, then work on accepting yourself the way you are. You may alternatively decide that you want to do some of the things on the list, but not all of them. No matter what, make your intentions clear. That’s what wizards do. Decide where you want to go, and take the steps to get there.

The magic comes from your commitment. You’ll notice that once you decide to commit yourself to something specific, two things happen. Some of the charge, positive or negative, around the person will lift off. You’ll feel freer. Second, things will happen in your life which will support your intention and commitment. It might seem like magic, and it is. The universe wants to support your commitments, but you have to make them first.

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  1. Victoria Buckmann

    Sage this is an awesome article. I love the practical questions and steps to take to change who we are, or who we want to be. And the magic that happens because we have ‘looked inside’ and ‘made a decision’. I know the power of decision is incredible, when my husband made the decision to heal from a broken neck…it then began. I know that you have had an amazing journey that is similar. Thank you for this article, I am printing it out and hanging it on my wall. Reminding me to look at what charges me is a powerful tool for great change! I love this. I love you! You are the “Master Wizard!”
    Thank you for sharing your wiz-dom!

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