Circus of the Senses is a workshop for advanced wizards. We will be focusing on honing your ability to detect the sensory input that is available, but that you have been ignoring.

Are you ignoring a large part of your world?

Most of us are… without even knowing it! The Circus of the Senses Retreat can help access more of your sensory input…

In our society we are so used to using our visual sense, the sense most often valued and revered. We virtually ignore the rest of our senses; hearing, feeling, smell, taste. There is not only data but incredibly valuable information that is contained in the data stream from these four additional senses.

Circus of the senses allows us to explore and map information from the rest of the senses, And it includes meditations, techniques, tools, and strategies that you can use to develop the rest of your senses in anything you undertake.

We start off with a visit to the Integratron, an acoustically perfect space created by George Van Tassel under the instruction of the aliens (yes, aliens). The Integratron was originally created as an eternal youth machine, But George Van Tassel died, and two critical pieces of the Integratron disappeared shortly afterward. Without written plans for completing the Integratron, and without the missing pieces, it could not be completed.

“The purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell structure, to bring about longer life with youthful energy. It is a machine, a high voltage electrostatic generator that would supply a broad range of frequencies to recharge cellular structure.” —George Van Tassel, creator of the Integratron

We’ll visit the largest freestanding Boulder in the continental United States, Giant rock, which split into two a few years ago, fulfilling an indigenous prophecy. There is an immense power in this rock, And will take a little detour into the kinesthetic realm before we visit the Integra Tron

What people say about the School for Wizards


Sage Lee inspires magic in the hearts, minds, and realities of his students. The world is a better place because of the creations of Sage and his wizards.
—Dr. Dianne Frost

I had a blast at this School for Wizards retreat. I was not very prepared and did not need to be. I just came with an open mind and gained an unexpected amount of clarity and confidence. Thank you!
—Will Allen-Dupraw

This Manifesting Weekend changed my life! All of the practical simple processes will be easy to include in my everyday routine—and the powerful magic that I felt from them is so exciting! I can’t wait to share some of them. This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to have all that they desire.
—Victoria Buckmann

The Integratron is usually available only for short time periods of no more than an hour, and only for sound the baths, an ecstatic journey using specially tuned crystal bowls. We will be enjoying this experience, and through special negotiation with the owners of the Integratron, we get to spend two more hours as a group inside the Integratron, learning and perfecting our auditory skills (and maybe downloading more about its original purpose).

Saturday, we will spend exploring the sense of touch, seeing how far we can perceive things through our largest sense organ, our skin.

Each day we will begin with the special meditation designed to activate our “other” four senses. The visual field will be active at all times, and we’ll draw from that as well.

We will practice Synesthesia, a process that happens involuntarily in some by voluntary mapping sensory information from one channel to another channel; for example, auditory to visual.

This kind of mapping will allow you to be much more creative in the moment, and take information that you might not think you can use and translate it into creative expression, which is at the core of your ability to generate income.

Each sumptuous, beautifully prepared meal Will allow us to discover more about the sense of taste, and how the sense of taste is stored in memory.

On Sunday we will explore the sense of smell, and learn how to encode memories and experiences with the sense of smell, which has the uncanny ability to bring back an entire experience, simply based on the sense of smell.

We will also explore the healing properties of aromatherapy, slowing down or systems enough to understand what is going on in the brain/Mind.

What people say about the School for Wizards

Leora Katz
Shellie Nelson
Megan Walrod

This helped me stretch my boundaries and reconnects two pieces of myself that had gotten buried.
– Leora Katz

Sage is masterful at providing the space and tools for transformation. This workshop is beautifully structured and open at the same time.
– Shellie Nelson

This program combines all of the best ingredients – ritual, story Telling, wisdom teaching, community all in a retreat setting, resulting in reminders of how connected and supported we are.
– Megan Walrod

We’ll pull everything together on Sunday in order to understand the evolution that has occurred with your non-visual senses.

The whole event will be on September 15-17, 2017 and will be happening in the visual rich environment of the Tile House in Joshua Tree and the Integratron, 20 miles away in Landers California. There are many accommodations available in the surrounding area for reasonable cost. The Tile House is a mile or so from the Joshua Tree Airport.

The investment in the event includes the workshop materials and food.

We’ll be preparing some of the meals ourselves as part of the experience.

This event is invitation only and is for advanced wizards. We are only taking 10 people total.
If you have found this page, it is because you have been invited to this event.

You may hold your place in the event now by registering below:

$499 for the full investment for the retreat.

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What people say about the School for Wizards

This program is for you if you are ready to move forward in your life and let source be your gps.
– Deborah Oppenheim

Willingness + Joy = Transformation
– Tina Myers

It is about re-birth and transforming our lives a day at a time with tools of wisdom from Sage.
– Charlene Arrigale

Sage is so genuinely following his calling! And provides a wealth of wisdom that just pours through him. He clearly embodies what he teaches. I trust Sage! Thank you! X0X
– Hannah Idalia

A beautiful, lovingly thought out space for important life inquiry.
– Alex

Sage’s program is a powerful transformational weekend that will leave you feeling more connected to the divine, to the people in your life, to the community of people whom you  see through the weekend and to yourself.
– Rachel Cooley

The program created a safe place to explore, discover, understand how I hold myself back… And I learned ways to empower myself to become action oriented… More present… More effectual… To do my big game, my dream, my vision.
– Samuel Schoonover

This program uses vast knowledge, skills and resources that use group intention and power to create personal/individual change- more easily than we can do on our own.
– Carol Daly

Sage’s live events are always powerful and deeply transformational. At the last retreat I attended, I had not one, but two really big shifts. The first allowed me to release a long-standing dynamic with my family of origin that had been in my way for my entire adult life. The second created a path for me to step into my life’s work, claim it powerfully, and begin taking action immediately. Within a few short months of the retreat, I had my first client and am officially on my way to changing the face of capitalism. If you’re ready to be a force for good in the world, I highly recommend attending Sage’s retreat.
– Johanna Lyman