Hi, I’m Sage Lee, the Headmaster of The School for Wizards. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing for The School for Wizards.

From a child, I have been an artist. It was the closest thing that I could find to honor what was inside me. I didn’t fit into the world of my peers. I wasn’t interested in dating, sports, or academics. I was only interested in a narrow set of topics that really fired me up.

If there had been a school for wizards back then, I would have enrolled immediately.

Later in life, I became an Art Director and Brand Strategist for international Fortune 500 companies like Apple Computer, taught design at the University of California, created award-winning artwork, and I did a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

But all the while I knew there was a greater calling that was pulling me along, influencing everything I did.

That greater calling led me to study and master coaching forms like NLP, the Enneagram, and psychological type. I became a Master Coach, learning the techniques top executives use to transform their inner game.

That calling also lead me to a lifelong study of Qabalah, metaphysics, and the tarot archetypes to understand the deepest levels of spirit and psyche.

Add all that together and you get someone who really understands how people come to manifest what they desire.

In Spring 2011 I spoke the prestigious TEDx conference held in Santa Cruz California, where I talked about the miracle of surviving a tumble down a 300 foot cliff—inside of a car.

Now I have created the School for Wizards which helps teach the science of magic to business owners looking for the next level they know is not going to come from business coaching alone.

About the School for Wizards:

The school for wizards is dedicated to bringing magic back into the world. The Personal division is dedicated to bringing magic into our personal lives, and the Business Division desires to bring the principles of magic back into the workplace and into business practices.

Here are some principles The School For Wizards is based on:

  • You are capable of magic—we are all wizards.
  • Magic is technology that can be learned.
  • The invisible world exists.
  • This invisible world can be influenced by our actions.
  • This world can be mapped by correspondences to our physical world.
  • Everything is alive.
  • We grow through a series of challenges or initiations.

The School for Wizards offers live events and online training that do not teach magic tricks but instead turn people into beings that are capable doing the impossible.

The school for wizards wants to empower you to become aware of your miraculous powers and to be able to use them.


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