Card of the Day: Page of Cups

Page-of-cups-editThe Page of Cups is the earthy part of water, a combination of emotional intelligence and longevity. He is a merman, slightly effeminate, and like his cousin the mermaid is impelled to offer service when met. Because of his facility with the emotional realm, —his ability to swim to the depths and then rise again to the surface—and his ability to simply say “what is,”the Page of Cups is uniquely positioned to help you work through your own issues around  jealousy, manipulation and envy.

When the Page of Cups shows up it means that someone in your life may present as an opportunity to work through jealousy, envy, and other dark emotions. Remember, there is nothing to “fix” here. There is only the reflection (shown by the shining plate drifting beneath his tail) of your own issues. Remember, avatars like the Page of Cups can show up as figures you see as positive, or as negative influences in your life. Each person has a lesson for us, and if we allow it, the lesson of the Page of Cups is the lesson of emotional availability and practical loyalty.

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